How to synchronize your development work on Asana via Github Actions

The very first article of our Automation series relating to the different automation we picked up in our work journey.


At our workplace FieldAssist, we use Github as Version Control System (VCS), and Asana for task management of different Flutter projects.

We start off our daily development work according to given Asana tasks. Upon completion of code part, every time we need to manually comment its status, which leads to the manual dependency of moving task to different states like In Progress, Testing, etc

This created a lot of difficulties as the team started growing, sometimes we forget to update…


How to extract data from website using Flutter

Recently i was revamping one of my Android app and needed to display some data from a website. For this i need to scrap data from the website and store it in my database to display further on my app.

Being an active Flutter developer, i have expertise with Dart and hence wanted to scrap this using Dart only (although i now recommend to use Python).

What is a Website Scraping?

Website scraping, or web data extraction, is the process of extracting or scraping data from websites.

DISCLAIMER: Although this isn’t legal for some websites but here the purpose is solely educational

Gather Fuel and Gear Up

1. Create a new Flutter Project

You need a…


A responsive tabs demo at two different screen size namely tablet and phone.

UX is one of the most important aspect which every UI developer cares about. Having multiple devices with different screen size, it becomes difficult to manage different elements and their correct position on the screen.
You cannot simply show what is optimised for app on a laptop or tablet. Hence managing UX becomes sometimes critical with complex codebase.

But big thanks to Flutter for caring about this problem. With Flutter its super easy to build responsive widgets at-least in mobile segments (bootstrap cuts the ice very well in websites).


While working on my Workozy app, i needed to build…

Showcase, Hire and Find Talents for your Startup

A startup platform where people can view the whole new startups which are at idea stage or they have just landed

It has been a year since this idea is on my mind. Why? because i am among those rare species who are little weak in networking skills. I always wanted to build something of my own whether a business or a startup or anything. Ever since my college days i am constantly struggling to create something which will have a valuable impact. Reweyou, DOT Salon, DOT Services were some of the teachers in disguised of my failed startups which helped me to imply those learning on this idea. …


Providing visuals aids like graphs, calculator, ray diagrams to learn physics in easy way

I always have a keen interest in applying physics concepts. Whether in my daily life or when i code, i always think how i can make Physics more easy to understand.

Because i had an expertise with Flutter SDK used for mobile application development i thought why not make some valuable stuff for understanding physics using flutter?

With that the idea, visual understanding of physics concepts website was born.


There are few complex topics which are studied by a science student in his physics intermediate classes namely Wave Motion, Optics, Errors.

Wave motion chapter in physics describe how we…


If you are unaware of some terms like ValueKey, UniqueKey, ObjectKey etc then you on the right article.

A Key is an identifier for Widgets, Elements and SemanticsNodes.A new widget will only be used to update an existing element if its key is the same as the key of the current widget associated with the element.

Let’s understand the use of keys in flutter with the help of an example.


Suppose we have two simple TextFields (wrapped as a stateful widget named MyTextField) in a Column and let’s say you hide the first of two on FAB(Floating Action Button) press. The first one should hide and second one should take its place


So in this…

Every flutter developer comes across this famous error screen, quite often, during their initial stages. While this seems to be most irritating when you are a beginner, but yet, this is one of the most highlighting feature provided by Flutter which remarkably differentiates it from other developing tools in the market atleast native Android developement.

As per the docs, Flutter generates red screen error whenever a widget fails to build. If you take a peek into StatefulWidget.dart class, you will see this code being invoken in performRebuild() method:

void performRebuild() {
try {…

Sometimes you need to use a ListView or GridView inside a ScrollView (SingleChildScrollView). We know this isn’t a good practise as you can’t put a ListView being a Scrollable widget inside ScrollView, but for some reason i wanted to achieve this, especially when i want to show both ListView and GridView at the same time.

First of all, let’s see what happens when you put a ListView inside a SingleChildScrollView.

Create a new project and embed the following code:

return Scaffold(
appBar: AppBar(
title: Text("ListView"),
body: Container(
child: SingleChildScrollView(…

Since the start of our project, we were having a constant pain in debugging/releasing android apk on different OS like Windows, Linux. The pain was nothing but to change the gradle file everytime after we pull/push project.

For instance, i am using LINUX, while my other teammate uses WINDOWS. Flutter docs about releasing an android apk asks in one step to Reference the keystore from the app i.e. create a file named ‘’ whose contents in our case looks like this:


Now because my teammate uses Windows, hence the path of keystore is different, even though…

One of the most beloved package that i like in flutter is the json_annotation. JSON parsing has never been so fun for me as that in dart. The reason might be my ignorance with JSON or may be this package is really better than others.

Basic JSON parsing is well explained here at official site. And because it was already clearly explained, hence i will not dive into the basics of parsing. Also i will assume that the reader has at least tried simple JSON parsing in Flutter.

So before starting let’s make a simple json_parsing project in flutter.


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